Learning programme

Teaching activities are expected to take place from the first half of April 2024 to the end of January 2025. The work placement or project work phase is expected to take place between October and December 2024. The final examination will be held in February 2025.

The timetable is indicative only. The final timetable will be announced prior to the start of classes but it may be changed during the course of the Master’s programme. The end of the programme may be postponed for practical reasons.

 The main language of the programme is English. The theoretical components of the Master’s programme are in English while the practical components are available in two languages: English and Italian. Students will choose their working language when completing their application (either English or Italian).

 Teaching is delivered remotely. Additional workshops and seminars may be offered throughout the programme both in person and remotely. All in-person events will be also available online  i.e. for in-person classes, in-person attendance is not mandatory. 

 Classes are held between Mondays and Saturday, preferably on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Monday-Friday classes are held preferably from 2 pm to 8 pm CET; Saturday classes are held preferably from 9 am to 3 p.m. CET. Classes for each Module will run in monthly blocks. 

 The Master’s programme requires a 75% attendance rate for each module.


MODULO 1: Accessibility Studies – 42 Hours / 8 Credits

  • History and development of accessibility
  • Human diversity and disability studies
  • Social policies, legislation, and standards
  • Users’ needs
  • Accessibility services: general overview
  • Accessibility studies: methods and practices

MODULO 2: Audiovisual Accessibility – 48 Hours / 9 Credits

  • Intralingual subtitling
  • Interlingual subtitling
  • Audio Description


MODULO 3: Access to Museums and Cultural Heritage – 50 Hours  / 9 Credits

  • Design, management and evaluation of museum accessible services
  • Writing accessible texts: easy-to-read, plain language and more
  • Audio description for cultural heritage and tourism
  • Multisensory services for museums


MODULO 4: Access to Live Events and Performing Arts – 50 Hours  / 9 Credits

  • Design, management and evaluation of accessible services for live events
  • Surtitling
  • Audio description and audio introduction
  • Enhancing the senses: multisensory tours and workshops


MODULO 5: Insights from professionals and the industry – 60 Hours  / 10 Credits


MODULO 6: Sign language interpreting for the media and the arts – 50 Hours  / 9 Credits

  • Sensibilizzazione alla Lingua dei Segni Italiana (LIS) oppure Introduction to American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Sign language interpreting for the audiovisual media and for live performances
  • Sign language interpreting for the arts (museums and cultural heritage sites)


WORK PLACEMENT / PROJECT WORK – 300 Hours  / 3 Credits



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