Objectives and professional profiles

The Master’s programme is designed to equip students with complete and effective training with an international dimension, so that they can be employed in a variety of sectors requiring expertise in accessibility, such as the media, the arts and culture. The Master’s syllabus includes the study of relevant national and international legislation currently in force, disability studies, accessibility studies, the languages of the arts and the media, as well as an exploration of the full range of tools required to implement accessibility, classes, in-depth workshops, and practical sessions held by national and international experts: directors, actors, producers, art directors, curators and museum directors, media experts, legislators and trainers. The teaching staff also includes people with different sensory disabilities. 

Students will therefore receive a comprehensive and thorough training through theoretical and methodological sessions in English and practical sessions available in English and Italian, within the framework of national and international standards, laws, and projects. Students may also choose whether to carry out a work placement or project work (300 hours) to help students kick-start their career in the fields of media, arts, and culture.

Professional profiles

Upon completion of the programme, the students will develop a wide-ranging knowledge of accessibility to operate

in different public and private contexts, such as local and international organisations, festivals, theatres, and museums. In particular, the students will gain the skills required to work as:

  • accessibility experts and consultants in the fields of media (cinema, streaming, internet), entertainment, live events;
  • accessibility experts and consultants (museums, monuments, places of artistic and cultural interest);
  • inclusive design consultants;
  • audio description, interlingual subtitling, and sign language (Italian or American) experts in the fields of media, arts, and culture;
  • diversity and disability managers in the fields of media, arts, and culture.
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